• Video Production & Workshops to Help You Clarify Your Message & Get More Response

    Lights * Interest * Action

    Ah-ha Moments for Your Audience

  • Do You Struggle With Your Video Content?


    Are Your Videos

    Really Connecting

    or just making pretty noise?


    Is Explaining What You Do Complicated?

    Why should people choose you?


    Do You Need A Roadmap?

    Video for video-sake with no strategy?


    Does Video Production Hurt Your Brain?

    Sick of the rubbish, standard, same-as-all approach to videos out there?


    Do Your Viewers Seem Keen?

    But don't respond?


    Do You Know How The Buyer's Brain Works?

    How to engage people?

  • Do your videos hook, interest & inspire action?

    We're Video Content Strategists and Doers.

    Your ally in helping you create, roadmap and make ongoing "posts" that help your audience "get you" and how you fit into their world.

    Why us?

    We're marketers and content publishing experienced people who are focused on your size - realistic small to medium-sized organisations and budgets.


    We use our experience in the publishing industry to tickle your audience's mind and trigger more response from your content campaigns.

  • Enough marketplace talk about "your why"...

    Your audience cares more about their problem - so how will you fit into their picture?

    We structure videos for marketers and organisations who are in a 'pause' mode in terms of what to do next with their video content.


    Even seasoned marketers don't complete the communications story for their audiences. Their audience misses the point . . .

    Too many brands make themselves the hero or heart of the story when it needs to be their audience whose the hero.



    It's about waking the emotion within the audience - an empathetic approach to marketing communications.


    There are gaps in stories that need filling the right way, and you know your audience isn't "getting it"!


    They're not being drawn into your value. Why?


    The pretty imagery and creative isn't leading any brand journey to impact. Instead, it's absorbed as "entertaining" not drawing in the person through empathy and relating to them and their world.


    Video Marketing Cycology (TM) is our process for producing strategic and ’on brand’ video content and marketing that attracts and triggers more action and shares. Often, this occurs within hours of going live and boosts response rates for you by at least 15-20%.

    We work with you to craft videos that are micro-targeted and use the science of storytelling, copywriting and marketing communications structuring to strike the right chords with your ideal audiences.


    Often we can repurpose what you already have especially for engagement on social media. Nothing goes to waste. We can your ideas and guide you to video content marketing that leads to direct response.


    We do this regardless of whether your goal is just for a single-purpose use or part of a weekly video content production and marketing system. And, we do this regardless of budget - let's talk it through, as we're keen to just start helping you massage your message first to get those "ah-ha" moments from your audience.

  • Why Is Storyfirst Films So Different?

    lights, interest, action. . .

    Our proven framework delivers a high quality finished video, on time and on budget. We help with handling all the details, with strong communication and professionalism.


    That means you can relax and enjoy being established as the one to choose in your market.


    Here are the 5 steps to how we work:

    Step 1

    Book a FREE 30-min Discovery & Ideas Call

    Step 2

    Work back from your goals & answer

    "Why my audience should choose me?

    Why this brand experience over the others"?

    Step 3

    Get your realistic proposal that fits your vision, brand and budget, because we plan ahead with you and want to be around for the long term

    Step 4

    We'll craft your video to grow audience reach and to move them into more curiosity, interest in you and action

    Step 5

    Watch & enjoy the "Ah-ha" moments of both existing & new audiences as they "get" you over the others. . .

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    Lets' talk together about this

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